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Tomoe ga Yuku!

Tomoe ga Yuku!

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Other name: Tomoe’s Run!, 巴がゆく!
Plot Summary: The title character of Tomoe ga Yuku! (Tomoe Will Go!) is gutsy enough to roller skate down freeways for thrills. After losing a friend in a roller skating accident, Tomoe joins a stunt group called Green Ship. Although still mourning her friend’s death, Tomoe has no reservations about embracing a relationship with the group’s leader, Kazusa. Soon she discovers Green Ship is a front for an assassin training camp. She must flee her new life and love and rekindle her fiery spirit in order to fight against the organization which wants her dead.

Genre: Action, Drama, Romance, Shoujo, Thriller

Released: 1991

Status: Completed

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Tomoe ga Yuku!

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