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Nanocore 3rd Season

Nanocore 3rd Season

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Other name: Nami Hexin 3rd Season, Nami Hexin: Huanghun, 纳米核心 黄昏篇
Plot Summary: Nanocore is a science fiction Chinese cartoon in 3D. The stage of the story is established on a fictional planet Birthigin. In this young planet, humanity will never stop longing for a bright future despite reason and fear. In revolutions and evolutions, humanity keeps challenging the Creator, and which eventually induces contractions intensified. People choose to wake up and struggle for their own ideals. They end the peace and angers sweep the whole planet, resulting in outbreak of the crisis known as Purple Fog. In time of humans facing their odds of survival, the plan N.S.P led by the elite keeps frustrating until NanoCore’s involving. It brings the plan his birth. As the existence, that the elite thinks should lead the development of human weapons, however, he breaks shackles of fate, and arrives at a land where faith no longer exists. He learns to make choices and grows up with them, and the dim future of Birthigin thus begins to change.

Genre: Action, Adventure, Mecha, Sci-Fi, Shounen

Released: 2016

Status: Completed

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Nanocore 3rd Season

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