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Huoli Shaonian Wang 3

Huoli Shaonian Wang 3

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Other name: Blazing Teens 3, 火力少年王3
Plot Summary: Huoli Shaonian Wang is a Chinese multi-media franchise created to sell yoyo toys to children. Huoli Shaonian Wang 3 is the first animated season in the franchise but the 3rd story chronologically. The show focuses on competitive schools that hold yo-yo contests. Each team has their own issues that they solve. Each yoyo has a name that reflects the toy’s design. The show makes use of minor special effects in order to portray magic/spirit/chi and the speed of the yoyo. These “magic spells” are “battling” and the person whose “magic” remains, wins.

Genre: Game, Kids

Released: 2010

Status: Completed

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Huoli Shaonian Wang 3

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