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Explorer Woman Ray

Explorer Woman Ray

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Other name: EXPLORER WOMAN RAY (エクスプローラーウーマン・レイ)
Plot Summary: She’s an archeologist AND a black belt and Ray Kazuki will need her brains and her brawn as she plunges into a thrill-filled adventure. Ray’s examining an exciting new archeological discovery: a legendary temple located in an isolated area of the world. As always, she has with her a strange mirror that belonged to her father; a mirror that may provide access to a vanished civilization. On the excavation, Ray meets Mai and Mami Tachibana, freewheeling pubescent girls who heedlessly court danger. And danger they find, in the form of Rig Veda. Veda’s after a big prize: Ray’s mirror. But she will have to stop him at all costs, because if Veda gets his hands on the powerful object, he will possess secrets that could lead to disaster.

Genre: Action, Adventure

Released: 1989

Status: Completed

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Explorer Woman Ray

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